Jennifer Lawrence Is Fat! There are BLACK PEOPLE in The Hunger Games?!?!

Jennifer Lawrence Is Fat! There are BLACK PEOPLE in The Hunger Games?!?!

Somebody tell me it ain’t so.

Turns out, I may have to completely revise my Hunger Games review because of all this amazing news that has been coming out about how wrong the movie was!

Yeah… First and foremost.. Rue, Thresh and Cinna are black. I don’t know how this one slipped through my down-right perfectly accurate bad movie radar. I must have been too caught up with how completely accurate to the novel descriptions of these characters the movie was. Or maybe it was their darn-near perfect portrayal of Suzanne Collin’s remarkable, unforgettable characters. I can’t believe I missed it.

Luckily for me, some Twitter users were on top of things to point out these very important details:

[See Jezebel for more details and screen captures of racists]

I agree.. EWW. Man, I wish I could see in color sometimes so I wouldn’t miss things like this.  EVERYBODY knows that Rue is supposed to be white! I mean the author makes it remarkably clear:

…And most hauntingly, a twelve-year-old girl from District 11. She has dark brown skin and eyes, but other than that’s she’s very like Prim in size and demeanor…

I don’t know about you, but when I read that, I automatically visualized a girl with blond hair, blue eyes, and pale white skin. I mean, clearly she’s supposed to look exactly like Katniss’s sister Prim.

Finally, I can’t believe I missed how FAT Jennifer Lawrence is! WAY too fat to play Katniss Everdeen.

 I mean c’mon.. Look at the picture to the left. Katniss is supposed to be rail thin. Ribs poking out. They should have hired someone anorexic or some other awesome disease like that to play Katniss. Look at this quote of Katniss describing herself in the novel:

 “I stand straight, and while I’m thin, I’m strong. The meat and plants from the woods combined with the exertion it took to get them have given me a healthier body than most of those I see around me.”

See? Stupid, disgusting, nasty, malnutrition thin. Not the beautiful, toned, natural body of Jennifer Lawrence!

I’m so disgusted that they would miss a super important detail like this. Heck, I’m shocked I missed it. Must have been too caught up with her bringing Katniss to life in a way only somebody as talented as Jennifer Lawrence could do. Forget that. She’s too fat!

While we’re at it, Jennifer Lawrence is too pretty. They should have hired some nasty skank to play Katniss. It’s not like she’s stuck in the middle of a friggin’ love triangle and every guy on Panem wants to get with her!

*sigh* There are stupid people everywhere I suppose, and Twitter has given them an outlet to voice their stupidity without any kind of stupid filter.

The odds of any of these actors actually reading this post are 0, but I need to say this:

Amandla, you brought  me to tears with your portrayal of Rue. Jennifer and you made an amazing pair. I felt like I was reliving the emotional ending of your young, beautiful life exactly how I felt it in the book. You are a wonderful young actress with a bright future. Don’t let this bigots bring you down. You’re going to go far. It’s not your fault they can’t read.

Dayo, you scared the crap out of me yet I loved you in The Hunger Games anyway. The way you brought Thresh’s strength and mercy to life on the big screen amazed me. I got chills with your delivery of “For Rue!” Consider me a new big fan.

Lenny, I know you don’t care what these idiots think. You’ve had a long career making millions and millions of people happy with music and on the big screen. Your Cinna portrayal is almost spot on what I imagined when I read the books. Thank you for putting a face to Cinna. Thank you for moving the audience to tears with your motivation and friendship with Katniss. I cannot wait for your much larger part in Catching Fire.

Jennifer… You blew me away in Winter’s Bone. To be honest, I had no friggin idea who you were when I saw you walking down the red carpet the year you were nominated. You blew everyone away. That plain Jane girl in Winter’s Bone morphed into one of the brightest, most beautiful women in Hollywood. You blew me way as Katniss. Don’t let these hateful words bring you down. Your body fit the Katniss description to a T. I continue to watch your career with great interest!

Finally, that brings me to those of you finding fault with the physical appearance of the actors and actresses in The Hunger Games.. Shut up. Nobody cares what you think. If you want to knock on the movie, go ahead. But knock on the very apparent dismissals of some of the key points in the movie. Katniss got the Mockingjay pin from Madge. Use that one. Stop being racists and bigots. You make yourself look and sound foolish.