This is what's wrong with America

This is what’s wrong with America

Note: This video is NSFW. Watch it before reading the rest of this article.

This video is exactly what is wrong with America in 2012. I’m not talking about the video its self. In fact, I find this video beyond hilarious.

I’m talking about what’s probably going to happen after this movie comes out.

Some 14 year old kid is going to go see this movie, think it’s a great idea, then go on a shooting rampage at school. He’s going to kill all of the popular kids, because that’s what he saw in the movie.

Then everybody is going to blame the movie.

In my post “Video Games… An Adult Retrospective” I allude to a discussion for a later date. Tonight is that later date.

Video games, movies, television… They’re all under heat from various activist groups because many people believe that these movies are influencing children into doing some pretty irrational things. They believe that violent media are CAUSING children to go out and do hideous, repulsive, and illegal activities because they saw it in a movie.

My take on it is this:

I’ve been watching violent movies, been playing violent video games, and been listening to violent music pretty much my entire life. My parents never really limited the things that I could watch or play. My earliest childhood movie I can remember watching over and over again is Robocop. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago, watching the trilogy over again, that I realized how violent and grotesque these films really were. There is murder, drugs, sex… Everything a 10 year old child shouldn’t be watching. In fact, I called my mom immediately after watching them and told her she was a bad mom for letting me watch those films (jokingly, of course).  The point is, after 20+ years of being subjected to an inane amount of violent media, I haven’t so much gotten into a fight. Never has the thought of murdering people ever crossed my mind. Does this make me some sort of super hero? Do I have some sort of special powers that allows me to tell the difference between something creative that some twisted mind came up with and reality? Am I blessed with an extraordinary dose of reality that “kids these days” don’t have?

For some reason, I doubt it.

The fact of the matter is, my parents taught me from a young age the difference between right and wrong. That what I see in this media is not something I am allowed to do.

Kids that can’t tell the difference between reality and fiction aren’t mentally stable to begin with… These movies may have given them an idea… but it didn’t give them a motive. Let me ask this question: Why were they allowed to watch this stuff in the first place?

Parenting is hard. It is. I’m not a parent, but I remember what kind of nightmare I was for my parents. I broke the rules. I talked back. I pushed the line. But when it came down to legal… I rarely crossed that line. I say rarely because I occasionally speed. I used to drive without my seatbelt. I drank before I was of legal age. But I never became a criminal. The most trouble I’ve ever been in was because of traffic violations. It’s not that I did these things more than other people. It’s because I always get caught.

Parenting isn’t so hard, however, that you can’t see when your kid isn’t right. My parents trusted me to not be a complete douche-monkey and do what I saw in these films. They knew I was mentally stable. I’m sure they tested it. Let me watch something then see what I would do afterwards. I never disappointed them. These movies didn’t make me do evil things. Instead, they increased my creativity.

Parenting isn’t so hard that you can’t be responsible for the kind of stuff your kids brain takes in. Internet scare you? Put child blocks up. TV scares you, use its built in rating block. Movies scare you? Don’t take them to it. Video games scare you? Don’t buy them for them. Tell all of their friends’ parents they they are only allowed to watch PG movies. Tell them they are not allowed to be on the internet unattended.

Millions and millions of children are raised on these violent movies and games. Millions and millions of children don’t kill people. Because the twisted, messed up ones do, the easiest thing to blame is what they watched or played last! Heaven forbid you take responsibility for your kid. That’s the government’s job right? You’re too busy with work or other activities to spend time with your kids. It should be the schools and the government that should be responsible for making sure they can only see what their impressionable mind can view, right? Wrong. Get off your butt… Work fewer hours… When you have a child, that child should become your single most important priority.

It’s not the violent media that’s the issue. It’s the fact that parents today are too wrapped up in their own lives that they can’t be bothered with raising their children properly. They believe their job is to make sure they eat, have clothes, have a home, and drop them off at school. As long as these things are taken care of, they believe they’ve done their job right. They plop them in front of the television, computer, or Xbox after school so they don’t have to deal with them. They don’t discuss with their kids that the stuff that they’re watching is fake. They don’t discuss with their kids that it’s all made up and people shouldn’t behave like that. They don’t discuss with their kids that having sex can, and will, lead to pregnancy. They don’t discuss with their kids that there are ALWAYS consequences for their actions. That just because they don’t get caught once, doesn’t mean they never will.

Kids need rules. They need guidance. They need to be told what they can and can’t watch… What they can and cannot play… Yes. They’ll break those rules, but that’s what kids do. When they do, they need to pay the consequences.

Stop blaming violent media for your lack of parenting. Seriously. The day that every single child starts hitting hookers with baseball bats and running them over in stolen cars because they played Grand Theft Auto is the day that you can start blaming these games and movies. Until then, when your kid blows up a building, rapes a girl, murders people, look in the mirror. Because it’s your fault. The fault lies with you, and you alone. You should have seen the warning signs. You should have found help for your child. You didn’t. You continued to let your kid watch these things when you knew damn well that they are incapable of telling the difference between right and wrong… reality and fiction.

This is what’s wrong with America.